B Lab East Africa is part of a global movement that supports people using business as a force for good™. Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the Best for the World® and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity. B Lab drives this systemic change through:

Certified B Corporations

A community of for-profit businesses who meet the highest standards of verified, overall social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability;

Measure What Matters

Helping tens of thousands of businesses, investors, and institutions Measure What Matters, by using the B Impact Assessment and B Analytics to manage their impact—and the impact of the businesses with whom they work—with as much rigor as their profits. This includes

Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS),  part of the Measure What Matters program, are the gold standard for funds that manage their portfolio’s impact with the same rigor as their financial performance.Today 90 funds are evaluated by GIIRS covering more than 900 companies in 50 countries and across 100 industry sectors, representing US$5.3 billion of committed capital. 

Benefit Corporation

Promoting Mission Alignment using innovative corporate structures like the benefit corporation to align the interests of business with those of society and to help high impact businesses be built to last;

B The Change

A multi-platform website created to inform and inspire people to use business force to solve social and environmental problems in the world. B The Change commits to telling the most compelling stories possible to the largest audiences possible to propel the movement of business toward its destiny as a powerful force for good.

Our community's vision is that one day all companies compete to be best for the world™ -- best for workers, best for communities, best for the environment -- and as a result society enjoys a more shared and durable prosperity for all.